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New Faces at STUBA

Like so many have heard, we just hired ex-Excite staff.  Why?
If you had told me 6 months ago who STUBA would employ and the restructure that would come with it, I would have laughed long and loud.

But never say never.

Like so many of you have heard and read on forums (it’s a small gossipy industry at times) we have just signed up ex-Excite staff members Paul Groundwater, Brooke Hobson and Stuart Chalmers.

How did we get there?

My trusted and much loved Matt Paterson and I had worked our guts out together over the past 9 years. At one stage, it was just he and I in Australia. He has barely put a foot wrong . I was finding it harder and harder to give him the support and mentoring I had promised him to grow him and the business as the company and my role grew. What would we do next?

January rolled around and a major competitor was gone. Agents had lost cash, industry was p!ssed off no end and people had lost jobs and gone unpaid.

It took a couple of days to get used to the idea of hiring an ex-competitor and after a decade of busting my guts, 5 minutes of skyping with Paul highlighted 2 things for me;

My god, he knew his stuff. He was clearly going to be great.

Secondly, I had to acknowledge that for the next evolution of STUBA, someone else needed to focus the effort of sales and development. It was hard to let go. But when I did, it felt right. A real leap of faith.

When talking to and meeting with Brooke and Stuart I was left with the same impression; great people, awesome energy, seeing an opportunity to create something anew.

Paul said “The best thing about working in sales is meeting some amazing agents. Stuba has been a quiet achiever that  gets the job done without fuss. A little beige is a good thing.

“When the opportunity came up for me to join, I thought great product, agents only, I’m a little bit beige on the inside.
This is going to be a great time to join Stuba;  reliable and supportive to the  industry and a great team.”

For STUBA, it’s a once in a lifetime business opportunity to take what we love about ourselves but and merge the ideas from 2 companies to create what will be the very best agent only, wholesale travel company in Australia.  It’s a pretty thrilling opportunity.

The last 3 weeks have been very humbling for me in learning just how accomplished Paul, Brooke and Stuart are. The chance to have them bringing that to STUBA is pretty cool.

STUBA will be brave as we open to the challenges that external perspectives will bring. But we will emerge stronger, better, more dynamic but maintain the core values myself and the existing Pacific team have believed in for so many years; being good people, agent focussed, profitable everyday on the bottom line and caring.

To Matt Paterson, revolution ahead! I know you will embrace it like I will and trust we are surrounding ourselves with the best out there.  I’m always grateful to have you on board. Wild ride huh from when there was just the 2 of us running roomsXML.

As Paul said “STUBA is reliable, ATAS accredited and globally recognised, so I am glad to be joining STUBA and maybe bringing a bit of me to a beige campaign.”
To Paul, Brooke and Stuart, welcome to the STUBA family.

Lets make our beige shine

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