5 Impacts for Travel In 2020

The travel year ahead shaped by the decade past

The turn of the new year is always exciting, but this year I hear a great deal of commentary about a “decade past”. As we sit today a couple of weeks shy of the peak travel buying season in Australia,  what happens next is all shaped by not only the 2010’s, but the days just passed.

But never before has the world change so fast, and never before have we been more aware of it. Recent tragic and dramatic events in and out of our industry, combined with the general state of the globe, gives you my first top five for the decade…. What will shape travel in 2020?

Perspective: as we deal with substandard meals, delayed flights and impossible to please customers who have travelled over Christmas, Australia burns. Enough said. It’s a chance to remember what matters and be considerate and compassionate for those around us.

Accreditation and Trust: it’s been a tumultuous couple of years across the travel industry locally and abroad. As Jason Westbury said, accreditation exists for a reason. Layered up provides comfort and guarantees of who you can trust to do business with. ATAS, ISO  accreditation and independently audited “high credit worthiness” is the approach that STUBA  has taken.

Politics, religion, the environment and war: we live in tumultuous times. Developments in recent weeks and months paint a picture of a volatile international scene that doesn’t mean we should panic, but we should be definitely aware of, understanding the implications of rapid change.

Smarter business: we had a decade or more of being distracted by social media, constant connectivity and have paid with a lack of productivity and sleep. The world is waking up how to be smarter with technology, harnessing its benefits while not allowing it to be so pervasive. The STUBA approach is “Making our beige Shine” – seldom sexy, always reliable. Technology should serve us, not tax us.

Lest we forget: the change might be faster but let’s not discard the wisdom of our past. Successful travel businesses aren’t based on overnight success but consistent, sustainable growth and that comes from remembering the lessons of the past.

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