Best Cities to spend a weekend

Best Cities to spend a weekend

Online weekend getaway portal and app, weekenGO have released a study revealing the top 100 best cities to spend the weekend, with London, UK taking the top spot. The results give an overall score for each city, but also indicate which destinations are best for three different types of travellers; millennials, families and baby boomers. As a company who lives and breathes weekend travel breaks, weekenGO undertook the study to define what exactly makes a city great for a short visit, and to help travellers of different age groups and dynamics to choose a destination which best caters to their interests.

To determine the categories for the study, weekenGO first considered what factors affect a weekend trip. Several criteria are important to travellers no matter their age or affluence, for example how easy a city is to navigate, the ease of finding accommodation and the number of green spaces. To highlight which cities are best for millennials, families and baby boomers, the number of social locations such as restaurants, bars and clubs were included, as well as cultural activities such as museums, art galleries and theatres. In addition, safety and tolerance were factored into the research, looking specifically at data on women’s rights and safety, LGBT friendliness and the perception of security. The study began with the top 1,000 cities determined by the number of visitors based on the UN-WTO. The researchers then analysed all of these factors to create a ranking of the top 100 best cities to visit for the weekend.

To create the individual scores for millennials, families and baby boomers, weekenGO looked at traveller’s interests on a macro level to determine the best overall representative score. Each category is scored, with a high score indicating high desirability for this factor and a low score indicating a low level of attractiveness for tourists.

“Given the fact that we looked at over 1,000 cities worldwide, every destination that made it to this top 100 ranking ought to be on your weekend getaway bucket list.” commented Tobias Boese, co-founder and managing director of weekenGO. “Cities at the top of the ranking such as London, Paris and New York are iconic for a reason, but those cities at the bottom of the ranking such as Casablanca and Belgrade still have a great deal to offer for an unforgettable weekend trip.”

The table below shows a breakdown of the results for Sydney, Australia. Rankings for each category are out of 100, with 1 being the best possible rank. Scores are out of 100, and the higher the score, the better:

Further Findings:

  • Graz, Austria ranks as the most walkable city.
  • Stuttgart, Germany ranks number 1 for most green spaces.
  • Rome, Italy ranks best for most accommodation options.
  • Tokyo, Japan ranks as the best city for best dining, and is also part of the Family and Baby Boomer top 10 ranking.
  • Rio de Janeiro, Brazil ranks as the best for bars.
  • Shanghai, China ranks number 1 for the best club options.
  • Paris, France has the most music venues.
  • London, UK has the highest rank for concerts, theatres and cinemas.
  • Vancouver, Canada ranks number 1 for the most cultural events.
  • Los Angeles, USA ranks highest for the most museums and galleries.
  • Oslo, Norway ranks as the safest place for women.
  • Madrid, Spain ranks as the most LGBT friendly.
  • Zurich, Switzerland ranks number 1 for security and is included in the top 10 ranking for all age ranges.

Source = weekenGO

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