Few places in the World capture your heart like the Caribbean

Few places in the world capture your heart like the Caribbean.  The white fine sand beaches, the food, the year-round warm weather, but most of all the people bring the warmest smiles and the best of welcomes to whichever island you are visiting. 

The islands of the Caribbean Sea or West Indies are an extensive archipelago in the far west of the Atlantic Ocean, mostly strung between North and South America. They’ve long been known as a resort destination for honeymooners and retirees, but a small movement toward eco-tourism and backpacking has started to open up the Caribbean to more independent travel.   Our guide this week looks at some of the lesser-known islands as well as one of the more traditional islands.


One of the French Caribbean islands, Martinique offers the perfect mix of French and Caribbean influences.  The Euro is the currency and the language is French or Creole.  If your clients are looking for something other than kicking back and enjoying the amazing beaches, then Martinique is great for watersports including diving, kitesurfing and hiking the live volcano, Mount Pele. The huge eruption in 1902  wiped out the town of Sainte-Pierre, but you can go and visit the ruins. 

Saint Kitts & Nevis

The dual island country of St Kitts & Nevis is a perfect Caribbean getaway away from the crowds. Even though they are small, they are perfectly formed with lots to see and do thanks to a dormant volcano, UNESCO sites and plantation inns.  If you’re heading to Nevis, the smaller island of the two, then you’ll arrive on St Kitts and be transported by boat.  Even more laid back than St Kitt’s, it has unspoiled beaches and botanical gardens. These islands offer the ultimate Caribbean getaway off the beaten track.


One of the more well known Caribbean islands, Jamaica does not disappoint – it’s large and lively, yet strangely laid back. With 2.8 million people, it also has a large population of Chinese and East Indians.  A must-do on the island is Dunns River Falls in Ocho Rios, The 600 feet cascading falls are stunning and you can climb right up the falls if you’re up for the challenge.  You have to try Ackee and Saltfish whilst on the island – one of its delicacies and truly unique to Jamaica.  And of course, it was home to Bob Marley and you will hear his songs wherever you go on the island. 

Whatever island your customers choose, they can rest assured of a welcome like no other, and with Stuba’s choice of accommodation to choose from all over the Caribbean, it will be an easy decision to make! 


Stuba hotels in the Caribbean


  Thanks to Wikitravel.org for some of the tips !

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