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There’s nothing as powerful as super fans to spread the word of your brand

Customer care is a hugely important factor in all successful businesses –  focusing on customer satisfaction leads to a loyal customer base. Loyal customers come back because they feel comfortable with dealing with you, and will become advocates through word-of-mouth recommendations, which is the strongest form of marketing.

So how do we turn customers into loyal customers?

It starts with customer service. Price and product are important, but it’s the service that gives you the edge over your competition. Below are 3 key elements to achieve that in your business:

1. Employee experience echoes customer experience

Culture is the key ingredient when putting together a great team environment – and when the culture is successful, it is echoed in how your customers are treated. It can simple things, such as making coffee for everyone, taking them out to lunch, providing a clean and comfortable space to work in.

A happy, functioning team will flourish and extend out to your customers.

2. Empowering employees

When a customer calls for help, they want  a quick resolution or a plan that will result in a positive outcome. Transferring them to another department or providing excuses is the wrong way to go about it. Give your employees the power to meet your customers’ needs. Also, hire employees whose personality fits within your culture and reflects your company’s values.

Until recently, none of the staff in the STUBA Australian office had ever worked in travel – our premise was to hire based on personality which has worked extremely well.

3. Make it easy to connect

A large percentage of customers are using their mobile to connect, so make sure every form of connection is mobile-friendly. Regular updates on Facebook, Instagram and email ensure customers are up to date with the latest news. More importantly, make it personable! Involve the staff in your office so that your customers get to know you and the people they deal with.

Remember that voice contact is not dead; people still want that personal touch. At STUBA, we ensure that our customers can contact us without waiting on hold and take the time to call them back if we are busy.

There’s nothing as powerful as super fans to spread the word of your brand.



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