Hard to avoid, devastating impact; weapons used against travelers

I’d seen a flash of it the day before. We’d been caught in traffic, cars bumper-to-bumper, the motor rickshaws slid in between the gaps and the motorbikes crammed into any remaining space. They wove between the cars, identifying targets ; the lights turned green and we shot off to safety.

The weapon was hidden in plain sight. I recognised it, but not for what it was. I was caught out. It was different today.

This time we got around the corner before I’d even noticed the assailants. Lets face it, I stand out in that crowd. To save my driver some hassle I paid my Moto rickshaw driver across from the hotel and only had 15 metres to get to the gate and the secure safety.

A ruckus to my left drew my attention as she yelled at her male accomplice. He was struggling to disentangle the weapon from his clothes so that she could take aim. The language was foreign, but the intent was clear.

“Give it to me, give it to me, hurry, hurry…”

I touched Amit the drivers shoulder and urgently asked him to drive further up, and before we pulled over and I gave him today’s payment, with a generous tip. The weapon was still caught in his clothes, the yelling frenetic, no sure thing I would make it past the gates.

I stumbled out of the rickshaw, put my hand up to placate the traffic, hurdled over the centre barrier, kept up my momentum and got past security and into the hotel. I looked over my shoulder, she smacked him across the head for missing the opportunity and nearly dropped the weapon.

I now knew what I was looking at.

He was a 10 year old.
She was in her 30s.
My driver told me they work for the local mafia and targeted businessmen in this area.

The weapon was a six-month-old baby.

I wanted to donate, but my driver simply said

“If you do, we won’t get out of this intersection, you won’t get through the gates today or any other day because they will see you coming. There will be a watcher on the corner who will take the money from them, give it to the local (mafia equivalent) . There is nothing you can do”

After a few days thought, with great sadness, I can only agree.



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