Front row – Sarah Latimore (APT Touring), Hayley Ovens (Bunnik Tours), Amber Thomas (Eastern Eurotours), Ruth Partridge (Nordic Travel)
Back row – Vesna Pandza (Finnair), Marcus Dunn (Bentours), Dylan Hearne (Backroads Touring)

Finnair and Visit Finland take Aussie agents to the Midnight Sun

Visit Finland and Finnair were the main sponsors of the Midnight Sun Workshop that took place in Tampere in Finland, last week.

This was the perfect opportunity for 6 Australian agents to meet with local suppliers, and admire the beautiful lakes surrounding Tampere.

The Midnight Sun Workshop is an event designed to bring together buyers from around the world to meet suppliers from Finland and the Nordic/Baltic countries.

After the Workshop, the Aussie team went to the Kittilä region for a quick tour on the theme “Activities and Wellness from the Artic Nature”. Kayaking, canoeing, meeting elves and huskies, and the obligatory sauna session were part of the program… all of that under the midnight sun!


Source = Finnair

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