Tourism New Zealand response to the latest MLA ad in Australia | Unite AU and NZ

A friendly rivalry has long underpinned the relationship between Australia and New Zealand, but what would happen if the two countries became one as proposed in Meat & Livestock Australia’s (MLA) latest campaign?

Tourism New Zealand launched a tongue-in-cheek website today in response to MLA’s campaign that showcases the best of the fictitious new country: New Australia-Land. The catch? All the experiences listed on the website are located in New Zealand.

Australia is Tourism New Zealand’s largest visitor source market, with over 586k Australians holidaying in New Zealand in the past year, but consumer research across the Tasman has identified a need to build awareness there of what makes New Zealand unique.

The New Australia-Land website automatically re-directs visitors to a page on where New Zealand’s landscapes, ski fields, the Southern Lights, cultural events, food and more are compared to similar, albeit less enticing, experiences in Australia.

It also promotes travel to New Zealand’s regions and the recently launched Tiaki Promise.

The website will be promoted through Australian media, search engines and Tourism New Zealand’s social channels.

Unite AU and NZ

Unite AU and NZ

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