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Ted Travels: a 21 day holiday in Panama

Ted Travels: a 21 day holiday in Panama

Last week I suggested visiting one big country like Argentina taking advantage of competitive cheap airfares and doing a 30-day tour. Today I would like to tell you about a very small country worth at least 21 days of touring. This country is Panama: the cross roads of the Americas.

This land is home to thousands of species of plants, insects, mammals and birds; jungle mountains, tropical islands and the Panama Canal build by hand over hundred years ago. We can start the city tour in Panama Viejo; the first European city, founded in 1519, is situated on the Pacific coast. Then onto the marvel of the Canal, one can do a full crossing of the canal without joining a giant cruise liner. Staring in Balboa sailing to Colon and then return by train a great full day excursion that can include locks, museums and the botanical gardens.

We suggest that the client takes a short flight from Colon to visit the San Blass Islands and the beautiful people that live there. They can stay overnight in basic accommodation. The indigenous tribe are known as Kuna live on the archipelago of almost 400 islands and cays. The Kuna people have a beautiful, relaxing, and slow-paced life, the women dress in amazing colours, and use the ”mola” a multilayered blouse.

If we head east from Panama City, we find the end of the road just before the Darien Gap, a place we don’t recommend even for the adventure traveller, this area is the border with Colombia. However, heading the opposite direction, west towards Costa Rica, there are lots of great things to do and see. First stop El Valle , a small village in a fertile valley , next to an extinct volcano, clients will have chance to do some good walks , horse-riding , and see all the amazing flowers, this area is renowned for its orchids .

Next suggestion is the Peninsula de Azuero with its wildlife reserves and National Parks, and Isla Iguana reserve, known for its snorkelling and scuba diving. Clients can continue along the Pan-American Highway to the city of David to have a relaxing time in the Parque Cervantes, visit the museum for pre-Colombian artefacts and history. From there, travellers can continue onto the Chiriqui Highlands, the cloud forest of shrouded peaks, fertile valleys and mountain villages.

In the national park, the Panamanians protect their endangered wildlife like jaguars , pumas, tapir, harpy eagle and quetzals. They also have great trails for hiking with local guides. From here the trip continues across to Bocas del Toro. This area borders with Costa Rica and is home to an ecosystem that has been described as the “Galapagos of the 21st Century” for the lack of cars and roads, plenty of mangroves and turtles, white sandy beaches, and the natural diversity is matched by the unusual makeup of the region’s population: indigenous and West Indian migrants. If you have clients who are looking for off the beaten track place this is where we would suggest, and then why not continue to Costa Rica!

Yes, Panama is a small country, but is great for the clients who are looking for outdoors and nature, with a tropical island break, on a three-week itinerary and just a short flight from the USA. We can customise your client’s holidays, we are just one phone call away.

Source = Contours Travel Ted Dziadkiewicz

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