Lexus GS450h

The Lexus GS450h is one of the most luxurious hybrid vehicles in the world

Ecolimo: Driving for a better way

With the arrival of the term overtourism ushering in a new understanding of impacts made by global travel, perhaps it is time to consider alternatives to established standards of how travel is undertaken as numbers of people on the move continue their astonishing rise. Rather than discourage travel and tourism, it is possible to travel better and have tourism leave a smaller impact on the local populace, not to mention the world in general.

One company already providing a better way to travel is Melbourne-based transport company Ecolimo. Ecolimo’s affable founder, Don Pyke, has created a business model worthy of emulation by other companies looking to participate in the growing tourism industry in a meaningful way while providing optimal service to the client. Through its offices in Melbourne and Sydney, Ecolimo provides airport transfers, transfers for events, daytrips, and corporate transport in electric hybrid vehicles that leave little pollution in the rearview mirror. Ten years after its first chauffeured ride in 2008, Ecolimo has continued to grow in size and locations as ever more people are aware of the impact of tourism and seek to contribute to the reduction of negative impact that the pleasure of travel can engender as a side effect.

Reducing the carbon footprint certainly does not require a reduction in comfort, though. In addition to the Toyota Prius, the company’s standard vehicle for moving people in a sustainable manner, Ecolimo employs Lexus GS450h vehicles to accommodate the needs of the traveller seeking a comfortable automotive experience without leaving a trail of exhaust behind them. Aside from a reduction of emissions and subsequent reduction of guilt, Ecolimo also provides personal attention and service not often seen in Australia, with uniformed drivers who see to it that the client is completely at ease for the duration of the ride. As stated on the company’s website, courtesy is becoming something of a rarity in a hyperbusy modern world; whether on their way to a family occasion or to an important meeting, Ecolimo clients are made to feel special.

Source = Mr eTraveller – Robert La Bua

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