Outsourcing and Travel – why bother?

Tapping into outsource services can dramatically improve your travel business

It was 2002 and I was getting the hang of my first IT company; digital video, HTML websites and tech consulting. It was a cycle of generating the next opportunity and finding competitive advantage.

 I partnered with communications companies; if I found a job, they got the words and vice versa. Local outsourcing and collaboration.  Then the phone calls from India began.

 “… I am calling from Bangalore and you should outsource your development to us….” The first few times I was polite but soon I would hear the delay and hang up.

 One gentleman was particularly persistent. After 9 months when the phone rang on the third Wednesday of every month at 3 PM I answered “Hi Prakash”.

 “Mark, we have many programmers and we are doing many jobs for clients around the world….”

 My outsource mindset was incredibly negative. Telstra had failed outsourcing to the tune of $50 M. If Telstra couldn’t do it then there was no way that my little company could.

 Little was I to know that the development of my IT business was going to depend on working with people like Prakash.

“Mark, we have been speaking for several months but I am coming out in February, how about we have a coffee.”

 Prakash Bang is the founder of roomsXML. Not for the last time, he opened my eyes. Some 13 years later and we are thriving business partners.

Initial outsourcing was technology-based. The product was code which could be uploaded, downloaded and tested in ours.  Jobs that cost $100 an hour locally seemed available for $10 an hour.

Why outsource? The benefits include:

  • Definitely to save cash on a job
  • Save cash by not having to put a bum on a seat for a task which is 2 hours one week, full time the next
  • Accessing experience not locally available
  • Getting lots done at once and moving on

For a business, it is the sum of the parts to bring it together.  Time, quality, skills, input and experience.

It can be more than a logo.  Why not outsource

  • Destination research
  • Promotional material and blurbs for your next marketing campaign
  • Price comparisons

I know  agents who have staff offshore doing their booking grind and they just bring it together.  Big agencies?  Nope.  But the business the generate and deliver would make you think otherwise.

 So what can you outsource?

 That’s next week.


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