The trains are flying at Orlando International Airport

The trains are flying on the track at MCO. The six cars for the South Airport Automated People Mover (APM) system arrived in Orlando Wednesday after a long journey from Japan via Jacksonville. A heavy crane hoisted the individual cars onto the 1.4 mile guideway that runs between the North Terminal Complex and the South Airport APM Complex currently under construction.

Technicians from Mitsubishi Heavy Industries America supervised the lift and placement of the cars. Over the next several months, the trains will undergo thorough testing. When the system becomes operational in the

Summer of 2017, it will increase MCO’s capacity by connecting the Main Terminal and the South Airport Complex, which will offer travelers increased parking and check-in options along with future access to multiple rail choices.


•       Each car weighs 38,000 pounds empty

•       Each car holds 44 passengers

•       Car dimensions:  Length: 41 ft. Width: 9 ft. Height: 12.5 ft.

•       Top speed: 42 mph

Traffic at Orlando International is at an all-time high with 41.5 million annual passengers passing through the airport over the past 12 months. Projections show MCO could end the calendar year with more than 42 million total passengers served.

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