Dreamworld tiger cub Adira takes to the beach

Dreamworld tiger cub Adira takes to the beach

Putting her best paw forward, Dreamworld tiger cub Adira is calling on all Gold Coasters and visitors to help raise money to save tigers in the wild, taking a brief excursion from Dreamworld’s Tiger Island to Main Beach today (19/9) to spread her conservation message.

Feeling the sand and sea breeze for the first time, Adira surprised local life savers and morning walkers as she raced down the beach and frolicked in the surf under the careful watch of Dreamworld’s tiger handlers and Gold Coast police.

Dreamworld’s General Manager of Life Sciences and Director of the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation, Al Mucci said Adira’s beach visit was to highlight the plight of tigers in the wild.

“Only 100 years ago, there were more than 100,000 tigers roaming the forests of Asia and Russia. Today, tigers are critically endangered with less than 3,000 left in the wild,” said Mr Mucci.

“If we don’t do something now, there’ll be no wild tigers left for our children or grandchildren.

“As an ambassador for her wild cousins, Adira is helping us turn the spotlight on conservation today, travelling from her world class habitat at Tiger Island to showcase her conservation message in our world class city of the Gold Coast.

“We were very privileged to receive approvals from the relevant authorities to take this one-off excursion to Main Beach to further promote our conservation message.

“Tigers in the wild would often encounter new environments and situations so it was a very enriching experience for Adira.

“She seems to have loved her first, and most-likely only, visit to a Gold Coast beach.”

Dreamworld, through the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (DWF), is the largest zoological contributor to tiger conservation worldwide. The park’s seven adult tigers and five cubs are ambassadors for their wild counterparts, raising funds for tiger conservation through donations, the park’s adopt an animal program and guest experiences at Dreamworld’s all-new Tiger Island.

An iconic attraction for Queensland and Australia, Dreamworld’s Tiger Island is a world-leader for support and stewardship to help save tigers in the wild.

“We differentiate ourselves from other zoos by giving guests the opportunity to interact with tigers and other native animals, which drives support for tiger conservation programs,” said Mr Mucci.

“This interactivity encourages empathy and helps educate visitors about the plight of tigers in the wild, which is what we’re trying to do through our visit to Main Beach today.”

Mr Mucci said DWF’s conservation efforts were achieving results in the field.

“Some of the anti-poaching teams we support recently caught two tiger poachers in Indonesia and the offenders were subsequently jailed,” said Mr Mucci.

“This is a significant win for tiger conservation and a great example of how our collaborative efforts can make a difference.”

DWF’s tiger conservation partners include 21st Century Tiger, Flora & Fauna International and the Phoenix Fund.

Dreamworld is an active member of the Zoo and Aquarium Association, the peak body representing the zoo and aquarium community throughout Australasia. The park also participates in the Global Species Management Program for Sumatran tigers.

About Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (DWF) Dreamworld plays an active role in the fostering and protection of the region’s wildlife through the Dreamworld Wildlife Foundation (DWF). Established in 2012, DWF is an internationally recognised fund committed to the protection, education and conservation of the earth’s most magnificent creatures and habitats, crucial to their survival. DWF makes significant donations to fund anti-poaching patrols and conservation initiatives in Russia and Indonesia to help save tigers in the wild through its conservation partners 21st Century Tiger, Flora & Fauna International and the Phoenix Fund.

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