Bentours debut Australian novel Burial Rites inspired Iceland tour

Living in Australia it can be hard to imagine life in Iceland’s formidable winter landscape but Hannah Kent’s 2013 novel Burial Rites managed to deeply move readers and inspire in them a fascination for the pristine beauty of Iceland and hardships of Icelandic life.

Due to its popularity and international acclaim, Bentours, Australia’s leading Scandinavian specialists, have introduced ‘Burial Rites Tour in North Iceland’ a new 5 day tour that focuses on the locations mentioned in Hannah Kent’s chilling novel.

The novel, which was accredited for its historical detail, brings to life the true story of Agnes Magnusdottir, a young woman who was the last person executed in Iceland on 12 January 1830.

Bentours introduction of the unique tour allows Australians for the first time to visit the historical sites and connect with the events that transpired in Burial Rites.

The package, with prices starting from $1515 AUD and $1713 NZD, includes a guided tour focusing on the beautiful Vatnsnes region of North Iceland and operates April – 27 Nov 2016.

With guides just as passionate about sharing the history and nature of the area with visitors as readers are of the book, travellers will visit sites connected with Agnes Magnusdottir’s life and learn about how North Icelandic farmers lived during the 19th century.

One of the most significant locations the novel centres around is the hauntingly beautiful area of Vatnsnes, where the land, sea and sky seem to merge. On this tour travellers will experience a full-day guided excursion and hear firsthand about these historical locations.

In addition to the connection shared with the novel, Vatnsnes is also home to an array of interesting natural wonders and historical events from the Viking Age.  Travelers will also experience the popular destinations of Akureyri, a town with many historical and cultural attributes, and Reykjavik, a lively capital city full of quality museums, giving them a very full Icelandic experience. Originally from Adelaide, Hannah Kent found the inspiration for her debut novel when on a student Rotary exchange to North Iceland in 2002.  It was here she first heard about the tragic historical events that took place in the 1800’s and become the focus of a story she felt compelled to tell.  The ‘Burial Rites Tour in North Iceland’ is truly one of a kind and provides an authentic historical and cultural experience like no other.

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